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As the exercise of psychology in Luxembourg is not regulated by law, except in the public service domain, the primary aims of the Luxembourg Directory of Certified Psychologists (PSYLUX) are (a) to set national quality standards for professional basic and continuing training, (b) to protect clients seeking psychological services and consulting a psychologist, and (c) to inform potential employers on the proficiency level of psychologists. The PSYLUX directory provides the guarantee to find a psychologist who is adequately trained, highly qualified and answerable to an ethical committee for his/her professional actions. The online version of the PSYLUX directory has been launched in 2006 and will henceforward be updated on a regular basis. The online directory is currenlty only available in German, but French and English versions are planned. This online information service is made available for personal and scientific (i.e. non-commercial) use only.

Important note for prospective PSYLUX registrants

Registration implies (a) active SLP membership and (b) written consent (in conformity with national legislation on data protection) from the registrant for publication of his name, contact information and professional/academic profile on the Internet (private contact information will not be publicly accessible, as mentioned above). Registrants are responsible for continuously updating their personal information (in case of address change etc.). Information on academic and professional qualifications provided by the registrant will only be made publicly available after certified copies of the corresponding qualification certificates have been sent to the executive board and acceptance has been granted. False use of academic titles (including postgradual degrees) is prohibited by law.

Registered PSYLUX psychologists 1) are Luxembourg residents holding (a) an academic master's, executive master's or doctoral degree in psychology from the University of Luxembourg or (b) an equivalent foreign academic degree, provided the degree has been obtained after a full-cycle university study of at least 4 years in psychology, 2) are entitled to bear their academic title in accordance with the Luxembourg law on the protection of higher education titles, 3) and have agreed to abide by the SLP ethical code.

N.B.: Since membership in SLP is not mandatory for legal practise as a psychologist in Luxembourg, not all national psychologists with the corresponding qualifications are listed in the PSYLUX directory. Besides, the online version of the PSYLUX directory comprises no SLP members who do not wish their data to be published. Confirmation of registration status can be given by contacting the SLP executive board (contact SLP).

European Certificate in Psychology (EuroPsy) holders

For eligibility conditions for psychologists resident in Luxembourg to be awarded the European Certificate in Psychology (EuroPsy) visit:

Official list of SLP members for public use

For reasons of data protection, no private contact information is publicly visible in PSYLUX and only vocational data from consenting SLP members are included. Associations or institutions planning to use the SLP members database for announcing their manifestations by surface mail may however receive an electronic copy of the official and complete list of SLP members (with private postal addresses included) under the following terms of use and after having sent a written request to the SLP executive board. Terms of use and request form (in French)

Recent Posts

D’ALEP – „Association Luxembourgeoise des Etudiants en Psychologie“ – invitéiert den 17. Abrëll 2015 op hir alljähreg „Soirée d’Information sur la Psychologie“.

Dëst Joer présenteiert den Prof. Dr. Georges Steffgen den Studiengang „Bachelor Académique en Psychologie“ vun der Uni Lëtzebuerg an beäntwert all dei wichteg Froen, dei sech een Schüler aus enger Ofschlossklass stellt. Nieft deser Virstellung vum Studiendirekter, hun mir nach drei weider Invité’en, déi hiren Beruff an hiren Alldag als Psycholog werten virstellen. Dëst Joer sin mat dobei, d’Madame Martine Bache, dei als Kanner- an Jugendpsychotherapeutin bei „Am Gläichgewiicht“ schafft, d’Dr. Martine Hoffmann, de Kapp vun der Unitéit fir ugewannte Fuerschung an den Projet Manager vum RBS-Center fir Altersfroen, souwei d’Madame Nathalie Kipgen, dei am Radiotherapiezentrum „Centre François Baclesse“ mat Kriibspatienten an hiren Prochen schafft.

Dësen Owend ass eng flott Geleigenheet fir Schüler, sech iwert den Psychologiestudium an den Beruff vum Psycholog ze erkënnegen an Kontakt zu Studenten an Psychologen opzebauen. Och fir d’Psychologiestudenten as dest een interessanten Rendez-Vous, well sie Informatiounen iwer Stage-Platzen an den aktuellen Stand vum Arbichtsmarché kennen sammelen.

Rendez-Vous as also den 17. Abrëll 2015 um 19 Auer am Haaptgebei vun der BGL BNP Paribas um Kierchbierg (50, Avenue J.F. Kennedy, L-2951 Luxembourg). No den Virträg vun den Psychologen invitéiert d’ALEP op een „Eierewäin“, wou een sech weider kann mat eisen Studenten an Invité’en austauschen.

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