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Working Groups & Experts

The SLP working groups are composed of SLP members and/ or representatives of other associations or disciplines who make their specific expertise available.

Members or experts interested in contributing to one of the working groups are invited to contact the working group leader.

Members of the SLP with special experience and expertise may be consulted on their specific expertise.

Current working groups (GT) in the SLP:

GT Neuropsychologie

  • Claire Pauly (coordinatrice) Kontakt

GT Office National de l’Enfance ONE

  • Dr Michèle Bellion (coordinatrice) Kontakt

Working group (WG) School Psychology

GT Psychothérapie

  • Anna SCIAMANNA (coordinatrice) Kontakt

GT Psychologie du travail

  • en projet

Experts in specific fields:

Disaster an Crisis Psychology


Verkéiers-, Trafficpsychology

Interkulturell Psychologie

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