Organisme de formation agréé par arrêté ministériel du 10.08.2016

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Pia Jungblut

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    Pia Jungblut
    Financial participation
    Takeover by ONE
    Luxembourgish, French, German
    Accept trainees
    No trainee supported

  • Expertise
    Target groups
    Kids, Youth, Adults, Couples, Families
    Reason for counseling
    Fears, Depressions, Compulsive disorder, Addiction, Grief and loss, Trauma, Sexual problems, Couple conflict, Stress and conflict at work, Sleep disorders, Eating disorders, Behavioral disturbance, Aggressive / violent behavior, Developmental disorders, Dementia, Neurological disorders, Cognitive disorders, School problems, Identity problems, Other
    Type of therapy - training
    Systemic treatment, Psychoanalysis, Hypnosis, Relaxation therapy

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    Organisation 1
    Organisation 1
    LSG medical team
    Address 1
    2, An der Aaluecht L-5756 Frisange
    Tel 1
    +352 621 467 092

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