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Paola Malinverni

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    Paola Malinverni
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    Clinical psychologist, Neuropsychologist and Cognitive-Behavioural psychotherapist specialized in the treatment of anxiety disorders, depression, personality disorders and work-related problems. I work at my private practice as psychotherapist and, as occupational health psychologist, at the European Parliament in Luxembourg.

    About / Bio

    I am an Italian cognitive and behavioural
    psychotherapist working in Luxembourg in my private practice and as
    occupational health psychologist at the European Parliament from 2018. I worked
    in the same function for five years at the European Investment Bank (EIB) and
    the European Court of Auditors (ECA) until October 2022. My main current
    activities are: psychological support for employees in distress, emergency and
    crisis interventions and management of traumatic incidents with debriefings, support
    groups dedicated to cancer and COVID-19 and units seeking specific
    interventions to manage critical aspects, support to managers and employees and
    help in case of conflicts or communication difficulties, support and follow-up
    of employees when returning to work after sick leave (collaboration with
    medical services and sick leave management units), development of preventive
    measures and improvement of health and well-being at work, close collaboration
    in interdisciplinary teams with the medical services for the
    supervision/InterVision of cases and files, close collaboration in
    interdisciplinary teams with human resources for the development of support
    projects, preparation of annual reports with statistics and action plans. All
    activities are carried out in the presence or in video. Since 2010, I worked as
    a Neuropsychologist at “C.Mondino”, in the U.V.A. center (Unit for the
    evaluation of Alzheimer's Disease) of C. Mondino Neurological Institute in
    Pavia. I administered clinical tests and interviews that allowed me to identify
    psychological profiles and determine the corresponding diagnosis. I assessed
    brain damages and cognitive-behavioural profiles of patients with brain
    injuries due to different causes (i.e. vascular lesions, degenerative diseases
    like Alzheimer or Parkinson Lewy body disease, cranial trauma, infectious
    disease) using neuroimaging instruments (TC, fMRI) and neuropsychological tests
    for the assessment of cognitive functions. I have more than 10 years of
    experience in clinical randomized trials according to GCP guide-lines and in
    major assessment scales in dementia. I attended Cognitive and Behavioural
    Psychotherapy school - “Cognitive Psychotherapy and Research” in Milan -
    obtaining the Specialization Degree in Cognitive and Behavioural Psychotherapy.
    I made an internship for 4 years at San Matteo Hospital in Pavia (CIRDIP:
    Center for the study of Personality Disorders / CPS: Psycho Social Center).My
    fields of expertise mainly include individual psychotherapy and group therapy
    with patients (adults and adolescents and their caregivers) suffering from
    Personality Disorders, addiction, depression and anxiety. I have also gained an
    extensive experience in administering clinical tests and interviews that allow
    me identify psychological profiles and determine the corresponding diagnosis. I
    made EMDR training Level 1° for adults (Responsible: Dr Isabel Fernandez). I
    also obtained EMDR Specialization for children and adolescents in Luxembourg
    (Dr Barbara Wizansky and Dr Esther Bar Sadeh).I gained a solid experience in
    directing psychological support groups for patients affected by cancer in a
    non-profit organization in Milan (Attivecomeprima Onlus). This experience gave
    me the opportunity to know and get interested to group treatment as a form of
    psychological support. I continued, during these years, to carry out individual
    psychotherapeutic work in my private practice.

  • Expertise
    Target groups
    Reason for counseling
    Fears, Depressions, Compulsive disorder, Addiction, Grief and loss, Trauma, Couple conflict, Stress and conflict at work, Sleep disorders, Behavioral disturbance
    Type of therapy - training
    Cognitive behavioural therapy

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