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Andra Tocaciu

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    Andra Tocaciu
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    French, English
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    - Formulating and implementing training programs and applying principles of learning and individual differences.
    - Conducting research studies of physical work environments, organizational structures, communication systems, group interactions, morale, or motivation to assess organizational functioning.
    - Developing interview techniques, rating scales, and psychological tests used to assess skills, abilities, and interests for the purpose of employee selection, placement, or promotion.
    - Analysing job requirements and content to establish criteria for classification, selection, training, and other related personnel functions.
    - Conducting individual assessments, including interpreting measures and providing feedback for selection, placement, or promotion.
    - Training professionals to administer human resources functions including testing, selection, and performance management.
    - Facilitating organizational development and change.
    - Observing and interviewing employees to obtain information about the physical, mental, and educational requirements of jobs as well as information about aspects such as job satisfaction.
    - Advising management concerning personnel, managerial, and marketing policies and practices and their potential effects on organizational effectiveness and efficiency.
    - Counselling workers about job and career-related issues.
    About / Bio
    My main interests include learning and development, employee engagement and wellbeing, leadership, coaching and HR processes.

    I have graduated with a Bachelor's degree in psychology from the Babes-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca in 2016, under the cognitive-behavioural paradigm. This program included a variety of psychology topics, ranging from statistics, psychometrics, neuroscience to clinical psychology, psychotherapy and industrial-organisational psychology. During my studies, I developed a strong interest for organisational psychology and HR. My thesis was a research project focused on the Job Demands-Resources model of occupational stress, particularly how 'multiple team membership' as an organisational design is perceived by employees as a job-related demand, which in turn decreases their work engagement. The study also explored the manner in which high levels of peer feedback moderates this correlation, diminishing the negative relationship between multiple team membership and work engagement.
    I have also graduated from the University of Luxembourg with a Master's degree in psychological evaluation and assessment in 2018. This program has equipped me with further statistical and psychometrics skills, such as developing and evaluating psychological assessment instruments to use in the HR field. My Master thesis was once again focused on the concept of work engagement, where I developed a questionnaire to measure this construct dedicated to university students. The thesis included applying the questionnaire and the statistical analysis and interpretation of results, including judgments on the psychometric qualities of the questionnaire.
    I am currently working in the Training department of a mid-sized organisation in Luxembourg. My main responsibilities are creating and delivering learning solutions, as well as administering the overall training function of the organisation.
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    Fears, Depressions, Grief and loss, Trauma, Stress and conflict at work

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