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Archives mensuelles : juin 2013

F.A.Q. page update: new entry on psychotherapy

We've updated our F.A.Q. page to include a note on the current status of legal reglementation of psychotherapy.

Q: Is psychotherapy legally regulated in Luxembourg?

A: Psychotherapeutic counselling in the sense of psychological assistance given to children, adults and families experiencing personal crises or interpersonal conflicts is regulated by law since 2011 [download law]. Professionals (viz. psychologists, pedagogues and physicians) that provide these services must (i) have a specialised training of at least 300 hours in psychotherapy and (ii) have to be awarded state recognition by the Ministry of Family [download regulations and rules of procedure]. Psychotherapeutic treatment of diagnosable mental and behavioural disorders, on the other hand, is presently not regulated by law, except if provided by psychiatrists. However, the Luxembourg Ministry of Health recently submitted a law proposal to the Chamber of Deputies, in order to regulate mental health services offered by medical and psychological psychotherapists [download document], which has been positively advised by SLP [download expert opinion]. At the present moment, there is no information available, neither regarding transitional regulations for psychotherapists already practising in the clinical sector, nor concerning future recognition criteria for foreign training certificates. SLP will keep you updated on future developments on its website.


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