Organisme de formation agréé par arrêté ministériel du 10.08.2016

Regulation of Psychological Testing

As a result of an obvious need to debate about issues relating to tests and testing, our Executive Board Member Dr. Monique Reichert would like to invite interested SLP members to a first brain storming session in order to (begin to) discuss topics relating to tests and test use (in the wider sense of the term) in Luxembourg, such as the following:

  • Who should be authorised to develop, administer, score and interpret psychological tests? / should the use of psychological tests be restricted to psychologists only?
  • Is legislation needed to control more serious abuses of testing?
  • Where can I have an exchange about my experience regarding the use of specific tests?
  • Where is it possible to receive further training regarding specific tests, methodological issues, the development, or the verification of the quality of specific tests?
  • Is there or should there be a database informing about those tests that are available and/or used in Luxembourg?
  • Where and under which conditions can I borrow and/or purchase tests?
  • How do I make sure my test is adapted to the Luxembourg context?
  • etc.

In case you are interested to participate in such a first debate, please indicate your availability via the following doodle-link:



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