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SLP launches new PSYLUX.LU service

We’re very happy to announce that, starting today, we are launching our new online directory of psychologists in Luxembourg, with improved functionalities and aesthetics. Our PSYLUX has become the reference in Luxembourg when it comes to finding a psychologist, but we had to keep up with recent technological developments…

The new online service allows, for instance, to do combined searches (e.g. you can easily find all psychologists in Luxembourg working with children and speaking English), it also allows our members to have their own “profile page” and to set their privacy settings themselves.

Membership applications will also be handled through this new system, but you can opt-out from being visible in the public directory.

We warmly invite all our members to explore the new possibilities offered by this new platform.

The primary aims of the Luxembourg Directory of Certified Psychologists (PSYLUX) are

  • to set national quality standards for professional basic and continuing training,
  • to protect clients seeking psychological services and consulting a psychologist,
  • and to inform potential employers on the proficiency level of psychologists.

The PSYLUX directory provides the guarantee to find a psychologist who is adequately trained, highly qualified and answerable to an ethical committee for his/her professional actions.

The online version of the PSYLUX directory has been launched in 2006 and will henceforward be updated on a regular basis. This online information service is made available for personal and scientific (i.e. non-commercial) use only. At the beginning of 2013, PSYLUX migrated to another platform to allow improved functionalities and more efficient membership administration.

Quality Criteria

Registered PSYLUX psychologists are holding (a) an academic master’s, executive master’s or doctoral degree in psychology from the University of Luxembourg or (b) an equivalent foreign academic degree, provided the degree has been obtained after a full-cycle university study of at least 4 years in psychology, are entitled to bear their academic title in accordance with the Luxembourg law on the protection of higher education titles, and have agreed to abide by the SLP ethical code. Information on work experience, extra-curricular skills (e.g. language skills) and the like, are not or only partially verified and are merely indicative. Concerning professional qualifications (education, training and continuing education), the SLP reserves the right to make entries inaccessible to the general public until receipt of the corresponding qualification certificates.

Not all psychologists are listed

Since membership to the SLP is not mandatory for legal practise as a psychologist in Luxembourg, not all national psychologists with the corresponding qualifications are listed in the PSYLUX directory. Besides, the online version of the PSYLUX directory comprises no SLP members who do not wish their data to be published. Confirmation of registration status can be given by contacting the SLP executive board.

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