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SLP Round Table on Psychological tests and testing 28.9

Psychological tests and testing: striving towards good practices


Round table, 28th September 2018, 3 – 6 pm

University of Luxembourg, Esch-Belval

Maison des Sciences Humaines (Black Box)


In 2015, the Tests & Testing workgroup of the Société Luxembourgeoise de Psychologie (SLP) carried out a survey among Luxembourg’s psychologists in order to devise measures that help improving quality standards and establishing good practices for psychological testing in Luxembourg. The survey’s findings served as a foundation for discussions within the group and led to the decision of holding a public round-table, scheduled for the 28th September.

The round table will be introduced by Mr Robert Voyazopoulos, an internationally reputed expert from the domain of psychological assessment and the establishment of high quality standards on a national and international level, and will provide impulses for future developments in Luxembourg. The ensuing round table will bring together psychologists working in different fields in Luxembourg, and will examine current difficulties and possible solutions for the domain of psychological testing with particular focus on Luxembourg. The discussions and recommendations of the lecture and round-table should establish the basis for developing national strategies for providing the best possible working conditions for psychologists in Luxembourg.

The lecture and round table discussions will be held in both French and Luxembourgish, and will be recognised as continuing education for psychologists.

For organizational purposes, please register by sending an email (EN, DE, FR) to Dr. Monique Reichert:

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