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Marie Nesser

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    Marie Nesser
    Type d'emploi
    En libéral
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    Luxembourgeois, Francais, Allemand, Anglais
    Accepte stagiaires
    Pas de stagiaire pris en charge
    Methode de travail
    As a psychologist and future psychotherapist (cognitive behavioral therapy), I would like to accompany you or your child through current life crises.

    With an individually adjusted rhythm and therapy methods (including EMDR trauma therapy) I support you/your child in overcoming life crises and developing self-regulating methods to restore your personal well-being.

    Due to my professional experience with children, it would be a pleasure for me to accompany your child so that it may feel comfortable in his own skin again.
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    Enfants, Jeunes, Adultes, Familles
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    Institution 1
    Home of Blance
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    58, rue de Hunsdorf
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