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Justin Petkus

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    Justin Petkus
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    As a Certified Child life Specialist (CCLS), Mr. Petkus is an expert clinician in child development, psychosocial assessment in pediatrics, and conducting therapeutic interventions for children to cope with stressful health care experiences such as tests, procedures, and hospitalization. Developmentally appropriate interventions include therapeutic play, preparation, and education to reduce fear, anxiety, and non-pharmacological pain management.

    He is clinical educator for pediatric clinicians on child-friendly health care practices and is an advocate for children's rights in hospital as defined by the United Nations, World Health Organization, and the Council of Europe. He has experience developing child life service programs and providing consultation to hospitals around the world.

    As a Certified Family Life Educator (CFLE), Mr. Petkus has expertise within the discipline of Family Science. He empowers families to develop knowledge and skills that enhance well-being and strengthen interpersonal relationships through an educational, preventive, and strengths-based approach. He is trained in families and individuals in societal contexts, internal dynamics of families, human growth and development across the lifespan, human sexuality, interpersonal relationships, family resource management, parent education and guidance, family law and public policy, professional ethics and practice, and family life education methodology.
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    Mr. Justin Petkus is dually certified as a Child Life Specialist (CCLS) and Family Life Educator (CFLE), and is a Co-Founder of Pediatric Potential Inc., a global non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing access to pediatric psychosocial care through research, teaching, and outreach in order to improve healthcare experiences for children and their families. In 2018, he was named Family Life Educator of the Year by the National Council on Family Relations (NCFR) in special recognition of his research and practice, and in 2019 The Association of Child Life Professionals (ACLP) recognized Mr. Petkus as the annual research award recipient.

    Justin specializes in advancing outcomes for children and families within the unique cultural contexts of healthcare settings around the world. To this end, he has served children and families in both clinical and prevention based education roles within hospital and community settings. He has authored and co-authored publications, consulted on program development, conducted research, and served as a clinical-educator, mentor and leader in the area of child-friendly healthcare practices within these settings.

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    Kids, Youth, Families
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    Expert in pediatric psychosocial care, supporting children and families with health care experiences such as tests, procedures, and hospitalization. Clinical educator in child-friendly health care practices. Interventions to help children cope with medical situations.
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    Miami University
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    Pediatric Potential Inc.

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