Organisme de formation agréé par arrêté ministériel du 10.08.2016

About SLP

The objectives of the SLP include:

  • to promote psychology as a discipline and its related applied fields at national and international level and to encourage the cooperation with other organizations*
  • to promote contact, exchange and cooperation among its members
  • to support the deontology for psychology as a profession
  • the SLP is committed to support the cultural and social interests of its members.
  • the SLP is committed to promote the professional interests of psychologists and is actively engaged in the protection of psychologist as title
  • to promote academic research in the field of psychology

*The SLP supports national psychology and psychotherapy associations under the provision that that they adhere to the SLP Ethics Code of Conduct. They must also apply professional criteria for their membership and follow good scientific practice.

 SLP Board (mandate period 2021-2024)


SLP bylaws can be found here (in French): Statuts SLP Version 2015


Dr. Monique REICHERT / Dr. Christian HAPP (Mandate 2021-2024)

National Delegates


Julie ARENDT / Catherine RICHARD

Scientific council representatives for psychotherapy (suggested by FAPSYLUX)

Vincent NAVET / Alain MASSEN

Representative of the self-employed psychologists at the National office for childhood (ONE, Office National de l’Enfance)

Dr Michèle BELLION

Steering Committee Member for the Master of Science: Psychological Intervention at the University of Luxembourg


Steering Committee Member for the Bachelor in Psychology at the University of Luxembourg


Blëtz asbl/ Scientific Council

Dr Anne-Marie SCHULLER

Luxembourg Brain Council

Dr Anne-Marie SCHULLER / Romaine BIRDEN

National Cancer Institute / Scientific Council


SLP EFPA & other European boards Delegates

EFPA SC on Crisis, Disaster and Trauma Psychology

Marc STEIN Kontakt

EFPA Board on Cultural & Ethnic Diversity

Dr Isabelle ALBERT  Kontakt  /  Elke Murdock Kontakt

EFPA SC on Psychology in Education

Claire RUSSON  Kontakt  /  Cynthia Liebgott Kontakt

EFPA Project Group on eHealth

Glauco Trebbi  Kontakt

EFPA  Board on Ethics

Max GREISEN  Kontakt

EFPA SC on Geropsychology

Dr Isabelle ALBERT  Kontakt

EFPA SC on Clinical Neuropsychology

Romaine BIRDEN  Kontakt

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