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Become a member!

Why become a member of the SLP?


A: As a member of the SLP you can benefit from several advantages and services. These benefits depend on your membership status.

  • be recognized by the SLP as a certified psychologist in Luxembourg. The SLP applies a thorough procedure for vetting of diplomas. This extra certification and validation of diplomas together with the explicit commitment to the Code of Ethics will give you an advantage when applying for jobs in Luxembourg. (exclusively for active members!)
  • be included in the register of certified psychologists / psychotherapists (exclusively for active members!) Our site averages at least 1600 visits per month.
  • be entitled  to call yourself “Active SLP Member” (exclusively for active members!)
  • possibility to post free or discounted professional ads through the SLP eNews and/or on our website
  • access to the SLP committee expertise and other experts for specific professional questions
  • free or reduced registration at events proposed by SLP and its partnership associations. Benefit from special offers for SLP members
  • subscription to the EFPA News Magazine (e-Magazine)
  • receive regular updates on developments regarding our professional status in Luxembourg
  • ….

Please be aware that communication within the SLP will mainly be in Luxemburgish, French and German (official languages in Luxembourg)

The Luxembourg Psychological Association (SLP) has active and honory members.

Requirements to become an active member:

1) possession a full degree in psychology with at least 5 years (300 ECTS) of university study. (The pre-bologna diplomas are advised according to the pre-bologna rules). Your degree must be registered with the National Register of Higher Education Degrees (except for recognized BENELUX diplomas). See also:  [Registre des Titres d’Enseignement Supérieur].

Please note that some distance learning certificates will not recognised by the SLP.

2) formal commitment to abide by the SLP’s Code of Ethics [Franséisch Versioun];

3) when accepted as active member, payment of annual membership fee of 75 € (30 € for retired members). Paid contributions from 1st October of the current year are valid until 31st December of the following year (15 months).


register online as active member (hei aschreiwen);  Note: Online registration is mandatory. All supporting documentation has to be sent electronically.

Mandatory documents supporting your application include:

  • a copy of the university degree in psychology. (Bachelor + Master in Psychology, respectively Pre-Bologna License, Candidature, etc. (undergraduate), Master’s degree, etc. (postgraduate)
  • a certified translation of diplomas awarded in languages other than D,FR,GB and L
  • a copy of the certificate of registration in the national register of higher education diplomas (except for recognized BENELUX diplomas)
  • the signed Consent Form [Download] confirming that you will abide by the SLP Code of Ethics [Download] consent form
  • (Note: registered psychotherapists need to include the “Autorisation d’exercer du Ministère de la Santé”)

Please allow a processing time around 4 to 6 weeks, if supporting documentation is correct and complete

FAQ: Why does the SLP check all my diplomas before I can become an active member?

A: The purpose of this strict measure is to be able to guarantee to each patient/client of an active member registered in SLP that the latter is in possession of adequate training in psychology.

The SLP recommends to psychology students to join ALEP , the Luxembourg Psychology Student Association.

Honory membership:

The distinction honorary membership may be awarded to individuals, who have provided significant financial and/ or moral support or have made significant contributions to the advancement of psychology as a profession or contributed to the advancement of psychology in the academic setting.

If you would like to make an active contribution to the advancement of psychology as a profession, please contact our secretariat.

Bank account details for the payment of SLP membership fees:

Bank Transfer  IBAN LU97 1111 0536 7837 0000 (IBAN) CCPLLULL (BIC/SWIFT)


or by Digicash          Number 621 370 160

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